Welcome to Carle & Cía.

Due to the vast experience through the years and our direct contact with customers in Chile and the world, Carle & Cía., was recognized as a company that provides  excellent service.

On April 2, 2002 we obtained certification of ISO 9001-2000, which was granted  by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc., under the Accreditation RvA (Netherlands) and RAB (USA) being registered under No. 69 276. This certification is recognized worldwide as one of the best practices for consistent quality assurance. In 2009 we upgraded our certification to ISO 9001-2008 and as of April 2017, it was updated to ISO 9001-2015.

Under  this we have increased the credibility and confidence among customers and suppliers, promoting the integration of productive chains, backed by the highest quality of service delivered by Carle & Cía.

This ensures the reputation of the services that we offer and supports the efforts made by our company in design, process and end service management, as well as the environment care, showing an entrepreneurial attitude towards the use and adoption of technologies and methods for quality assurance.

With the apply of these processes, we have been qualified as an active and innovative technology company in our field.


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